Air Namibia seeks expanded Angolan market access

Air Namibia is looking to boost its Angolan market presence with the launch of multiple new point-to-point services in the country.

The New Era newspaper reports the carrier has sought diplomatic assistance from the Namibian government to engage their counterparts in Luanda to grant Air Namibia rights to serve the secondary Angolan towns of Ongiva, Lubango,  Namibe and Benguela from Windhoek Int.  The carrier is currently restricted to a 4x weekly return service to Luanda

“Air Namibia is still waiting for an official response from the Namibian and Angolan governments regarding the matter. If the request was approved, the Namibian government is yet to brief Air Namibia on the developments,” airline spokesman Paul Nakawa said adding that flights would commence in late October if the green light is given.

At present, commercial passenger flights into and out of Angola are routed through the capital, Luanda, with only Lubango connected to Windhoek via a 2x weekly TAAG Angola Airlines operated service.

By courtesy of CH-Aviation

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