Airport charges under fire

Charges imposed on drivers by airports for dropping off or collecting passengers are extortionate, the RAC said last week. More than half of the UK airports have increased their charges since this time last year, it added.

Luton and Stansted, both of which are said to have raised some of their charges by more than 10%, are singled out as among the worst offenders, with parking at Luton costing up to £8 for up to 30min or £17 if drivers go over an hour.

The RAC report said dropping a passenger off at Stansted costs £3.50 for 10min, rising to £25 if drivers don’t leave within 15min. Stansted said the charge was to discourage pollution, and to encourage people to park in longer-term parking areas.

Stansted said revenue generated from car parking and retail at the airport went toward developing new passenger services and facilities and keeping charges low for airlines, resulting in cheaper air fares for passengers.

The UK’s busiest airports, Heathrow and Gatwick, do not charge for dropping someone off, providing drivers are quick. Similarly, most European airports, including Schiphol and Geneva, have free “kiss and fly” zones.

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