About Us

About Blake Emergency Services

Blake Emergency Services is a UK based, privately owned, discrete organisation with international capabilities in the emergency preparedness and emergency response arena.

Blake Senior Management Team bring to Blakes the aggregated experience of over 159 years within the funeral industry, 255 years in the aviation industry and 120 years in the emergency response industry. The fusion of our knowledge, experience and expertise puts us in a positive position as we can draw on this amalgamation when understanding the complexities and intricacies involved in preparing for and responding to almost any emergency situation whether involving mass fatalities or not, no matter where in the world they may occur.

Blakes is a family run organisation but with over 600 Team Members spread across 6 continents, the vast range of skills and experience possessed by our Team Members is truly an asset of which we are very proud.


In these cost conscious times, at Blakes our business model is straight forward: eliminate excessive costs, whilst maximizing the level of service and professionalism offered to our Clients no matter where in the world they are.

In order to attain this objective, we do not believe in establishing and staffing lavish offices in different continents, instead both of our maintained offices are based in the UK.   Our Head Office is based in the Peak District and the Operations centre is run from Watford.    But we have Directors and / or Team Members present in 35 countries worldwide.

To make us as accessible as possible to our Clients, we have local correspondence addresses in a number of countries, as well as local telephone numbers for callers from Northern America, Australia, India, South Africa and UK which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Callers from other countries are invited to telephone our UK 24 hour number.