Obtaining ISO9001:2015 Certification

We are very proud to announce that towards the end of December 2021 we attained the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Certification for our work in emergency planning, disaster management, training and consultancy worldwide. This exciting step forward for us will help us to continue to deliver world class training, consultancy and emergency response services consistently no matter where we are operating in the world to support our Clients. Although the standard requires that we are audited against set criteria, it does not mean that we will be standing still. ISO9001 encourages continual improvement and allows us the flexibility we need, including in crisis situations, to adapt and better support our clients, their passengers, crew and families in a consistent way. At the same time, we will continue to look at ways we can improve our work and continue to put the needs of those affected by an incident and their families at the centre of our incident response work at all times. These are things we have always done, but the independent accreditation is an acknowledgement of our commitment to these processes.

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