24 Hour Incident Response


24 Hour Incident Response

Incidents fall principally into 3 different categories:

a. Those with no injuries and no fatalities.
b. Those with uninjured survivors, injured survivors and fatalities.
c. Those with no survivors.

Blake Emergency Services has extensive management experience in all the above categories and the resources to supplement whatever is available at local level.
We are able to provide a wide range of services and support depending on the needs of the Client. In some instances all that is required is equipment, ranging from body storage to DNA sampling. In other instances, additional human resources are needed and we can make available appropriate personnel from our Incident Response Team to be deployed in a matter of hours which may include:

The Blake Care Team, with Team Leaders if necessary, will be provided to supplement local resources or to respond as the entire resource. The Team may be deployed to the Incident location, hospitals, hotel and relevant airports. Wherever there are survivors or families affected by a major incident, we will locate team members should the Client require us to. The Team have a range of caring skills and will include experienced funeral directors who can discuss the events at the mortuary and accompany family members when visiting the mortuary. Some of the care team members are highly qualified Trauma Counsellors who will be able to identify and respond to those who have a greater need of emotional and mental support.

The Blake Victim Recovery & Identification Team will, if necessary, be deployed to assist the National Authority in recovering and identifying the fatalities. The Team will include International Forensic Pathologists, Odontologists, DNA specialists and technicians.


The Blake Repatriation Team will, following official notification of identification, provide a full repatriation service, including liaison with the relevant consulates and embassies on behalf of the Client to ensure compliance with their national requirements and that appropriate religious customs are met in preparing and repatriating the deceased. This Team can also assist with arrangements for funerals to be arranged locally in the country of the incident. Blake Emergency Services will if required by the Client arrange suitable memorial services, mass burials or cremations in line with the wishes of the next of kin and in accordance with the appropriate religious and national customs.

The Blake Property Team are able to manage the processing, association, and subsequent return or disposal of all available personal effects in accordance with the wishes of the survivors or relatives and as directed by the Client and National laws.

The Blake Mental Health Team will provide de-briefing or longer-term support as necessary.

The Blake Crisis Communications Team will be able to provide advice on media management.

We also have a Call Centre, for Media enquiries and a public enquiry call centre available through Blake Emergency Centre Limited.

We can tailor make packages that best suit our Clients needs by combining any of the options above, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.