Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic Support

15610005 therapuetic copy What is therapeutic support, when is it needed and where is it delivered?

  •  It is provided to enable an individual to return to their own style of living and to return to work.
  •  After a critical event or incident; large or small, commercial or private. The decision to define an event as critical or traumatic by an individual, a team or a business.
  • Therapeutic support is provided by therapists, counsellors and psychologists.

 Sometimes experiencing a traumatic incident and its aftermath can cause emotional distress which interferes with a person’s ability to live, work and play as usual. This event may be from seeing, hearing or being involved personally in a sudden occurrence which may or may not be violent or threatening to life, but it does cause fear and distress.

Therapeutic support is aimed at reducing the impact of an acute stress response and reactions over time and impact. It does this by employing targeted active listening skills with psycho-social education to enable the processing of the story. This intervention is confidential and each therapist is clinically supervised.

Therapeutic Support is not counselling for the everyday trials in life (though that can be accessed) rather it is focussed, short term and specific, for the out of the norm occurrences. Given appropriate information, support, skills and resources most people recover from an Acute Stress Reaction. For those that require further intervention an appropriate referral can be made. The design of this intervention is based on the model of psychological first aid as developed by the Rivers Centre at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

In the business world many incidents come from the ongoing face-to-face working either with colleagues or the general public and the traumas that may originate when another becomes unwell or behaviour alters.

Individuals who have a responsibility for the safety of others occasionally react to this and develop a stressful reaction. We can usually help.  When that stress is made worse by a traumatic event it can start a pressure response that may interfere with life and work. We aim to mitigate this and so help prevent any response from developing into a personal or professional risk.

Therapeutic support is provided on a confidential basis. Contact following a referral through Blake is made directly between the Support provider and the individual.