24Hr Worldwide Emergency Response

24Hr Worldwide Emergency Response

Training and Exercises

With over 30 emergency response related training courses and exercises, each adapted to your operation, the only question is, when do you want to start?

Training and Exercises

With over 30 emergency response related training courses and exercise, each adapted to your operation, the only question is, when do you want to start?

In order to implement your emergency plan and procedures staff need to know what to do. Blake Emergency Services customised training courses provide your personnel with the ability and confidence to respond effectively – increasing your Organisational Resilience. We do not deliver “off the shelf” training courses, but instead each of our training courses and exercises is adapted to reflect your specific style of operation, making the course specific to you and your team which keeps the courses interesting.

Step 1 -

Crisis Management
and Incident Response Training Courses

Training Courses

Our training courses are customised for your unique needs and adapted to your specific operation. They are delivered by professional, qualified subject matter experts who have extensive incident response experience from within your specific business sector.

Using real world examples, they highlight and reinforce the learning points and contextualise them for your specific business. This can bring the training to life for attendees, making it much more enjoyable and engaging.

Emergency preparedness is more than just the written plan – it is a continual cycle of planning, organising, training, exercising, evaluation and corrective action. Training and exercising are essential in equipping responders with in-depth knowledge and rationale behind the actions required in an emergency.

We work with our clients to create a training programme that suits your individual needs and requirements, and which will continually build on your knowledge and experience. We can deliver training both virtually or face to face, at your facilities or ours in the UK (below are some of our core training courses). Please contact us for more information on these and our other training courses or to discuss your specific training needs

See below some examples of our current training courses.

Core Crisis Management Courses

  • Emergency Planning, Response & Recovery
  • Operations Control Centre Emergency Response
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Crisis Communications Training
  • ‘Go’ Team Training
  • Family Assistance Team Training
  • Accident Investigation Training
  • Emergency Call Center Personnel Training
  • Emergency First Aid

Step 2 -

Exercises, Drills
and Simulations

Emergency Response Exercises

An organisation cannot manage an emergency situation without the support and input of its staff. Blake Emergency Services training, when coupled with our structured and effective Emergency Response Exercises, arm your personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to respond effectively and confidently in an emergency.

As we all know, no two organisations are the same, nor are any two incidents. The same is true of our exercises. At Blake Emergency Services we customise our exercises to your individual company needs. Our exercises include drills, table tops, role players, and full simulations all drawing on real-life experiences that test and validate your emergency plans and teams.

The next stage following staff training is the practical preparation. We will work with you to design a drill and exercise schedule which can cover all areas of your plans. These serve several functions:

  • They enable your personnel to consolidate their learning by practicing in a safe environment
  • They establish confidence in the plan, procedures and the abilities of staff to deal with an emergency
  • The drills, simulations and exercises test and validate the emergency plans, processes and systems to ensure they are fit for purpose


Feedback from our clients confirms the experience gained from the exercises was invaluable. The opportunity to practice working with other departments in a cohesive team gave them confidence and a true understand of the whole business.

Not many organisations provide the opportunity for cross functional working in this manner – and it is certainly not ideal to be doing so for the first time in an emergency situation.


Blake Emergency Services exercises are designed to engage team members to prepare them for an emergency situation. Working together your team manage a response to a realistic but hypothetical incident scenario.

Qualified trainers with extensive real-life incident response experience, gained whilst at Blake Emergency Services – add value to these preparation activities.

Exercises available include

All exercises can be customised to your needs

  • Walkthroughs, workshops and familiarisation exercises
  • Facilitated Desktop Exercises
  • Functional Exercises
  • Full-scale Exercises
  • Simulations with role players
  • Drills

What our clients have to say

We have proven capacity and capability to respond to a number of mass fatality events on different continents at the same time.

We can offer Incident Response Support and a wide range of Incident
Response services, all of which can be customised to your needs.


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