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Emergency Reponse Planning

We have the expertise to deal with all aspects of Emergency Response Procedures and Contingency Planning.

Client Training

These services provide for the development and implementation of emergency response programmes meeting all the latest international requirements.

24 Hour Incident Response

We are able to provide a wide range of services and support depending on the needs of the Client.

Blake Emergency Services, a wholly British private company, has with its forebears, been in business for more than three decades, helping airlines, airports, governments, transport companies and managements in industry, plan for crises and emergencies. Blake Emergency Services has become synonymous within these areas, as consultants to a wide range of Clients in the fields of:

Emergency Response Planning
24 Hour Incident Response

We work with a global perspective, creating procedures and systems to cope with crisis. The company trains management teams and staff in crisis management best practice and helps adjust corporate cultures to be more aware of and sympathetic to, emergency planning imperatives. Come the day when disaster strikes, Blake Emergency Services are there with substantial resources, skill and professionalism to assist in the recovery operation.

Pyegreave House,
High Peak,
SK23 9UX

Tel: +44 (0) 1298 815786 (24 hours)

Fax: +44 (0) 1298 815381


Abigail Pollard


Blake Emergency Services

Managing Director

All at Blake Emergency Services extend their sympathies to all those affected by the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH17, TransAsia Airways GE222 and Air Algerie AH5017



Blakes currently have team members deployed in Amsterdam and Algiers.